Hi, I'm Kait!

|| Full Time Nurse, photographer, and dog mom ||

Honestly, I bought my first DSLR camera at the start of 2018 with the intention of mostly taking pictures of my dog and to document my frequent travels. I have always had a camera of some sort with me and a secret love for photography that I never allowed myself to invest in out of fear of failure and inadequacy. That was until I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and get behind a camera again. From there, Sonder Photography came to life.



This is the picture that changed everything for me.

This seemingly simple picture I captured on my iPhone on top of a mountain in Africa. This is the picture that opened my eyes to the power of photography and to my ability to see beyond the lens to create lasting keepsakes and document the stories I wish to tell. My greatest hope as a photographer is to incorporate relationships and exploration to document authentic connection and create lasting memories to share with loved ones for years to come.


The world is full of hidden gems, beautiful humans, and undiscovered places. It is my dream to use my pictures to transport people to the places they have never been, introduce others to the beauty that is found in the most unexpected ways, and showcase the spectacular places that some may never have the opportunity to experience. My bags are always packed and I am always dreaming of the next adventure to embark on.


At my core, I am passionate about genuine human connection. I believe in the woven threads of life that bind us all together; both near and far, new and familiar. Despite all our differences, the one thing that unites all of us is the desire for honest connection. I wish to use my photography to transport others across cultural and geographical boundaries that would have otherwise been lost.


As a photographer, I am an advocate for authentic moments and strive to be a timeless storyteller. I believe in the thrill of your new engagement, the crinkle in your child's nose when they smile, the celebration behind every milestone, the beauty of your growing family, and the achievements woven through a graduating senior's smile. These are the stories that deserve to be told and shared with your loved ones.

“We absolutely loved working with Kaitlyn of Sonder Photography. She captured us and our personality in the most natural state. We truly feel that she was able to show our love for each other in every image!!”

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