Can I pick the location? Do you provide location recommendations?

As an adventurer at heart, my bags are always packed and I am ready to try out all the new places, near or far! I want your session to be uniquely tailored to you and your visions! However, if you are wanting recommendations of my favorite spots or have liked other places I have held sessions at, I am more than happy to provide location options and recommendations!

How would you describe your style?

My greatest wish for my photography is that you are able to see genuine connection and that it encompasses aspects that allow me to share your stories and memories with full authenticity. I always help with prompts and positioning, and I tend to stay away from those stiff, awkward poses. I strive to incorporate natural, fun movements and activities to bring out your true selves! I want your portraits to be lively and for your personalities to shine through each picture! When I edit, I gravitate toward a warm, rich color palate, and deep down I am a sucker for a good black and white portrait.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I am a canon lover through and through. I shoot with a full-frame Canon camera from the Mark Family, and trust me when I say this camera is the best side kick! I use a variety of portrait lenses depending on the session type, and always carry options to achieve that perfect look for your session! I rarely use artificial light equipment because I am a true lover of natural light and have mastered how to manipulate lighting factors to help bring my pictures to life.

When Will I receive my images?

You will receive a link to your personal online gallery page with all your photos within a maximum of 4 weeks (almost always less depending on how busy the season is). From there, you will have full access to download and save all the photos from the gallery with total freedom to share, order prints and albums, and create photo gifts at your own discretion!

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